Tying the Double Knot: A Kualoa Ranch Wedding

If you’ve grown up with siblings or really  (I mean really) close friends, then you’ll understand the love-hate struggles of getting along. It seems that everywhere you turn, they’re always right there in your personal space.  From every “EW, don’t touch me!” to “Hey, that’s MINE!” one thing’s for sure—at the end of the day they’re still one of your best friends.  As we grow older, we begin to realize they’ve seen us through every high and low- and despite it all, they’re in it for the long haul.  After all, they are our siblings so they’re pretty much stuck with us—but it’s actually a pretty amazing thing (it’s up to you if you want to admit it out-loud though).   For Bailey and Gibby, the two sisters decided to expand their bond and came together for a spectacular double wedding at Kualoa Ranch!


Getting to the wedding was an adventure in itself; guests were taken in a canoe across the way to get to the venue.  And let’s face it, it was perfect for a mini photoshoot too! The Absolutely Loved team did an amazing job at capturing every heartfelt moment.


To help their guests become better acquainted with the island, they had a cute, yet beautiful map printed.  Don't worry, all of the important places were included.  I spy a dinosaur ready to say it’s wedding vows.… 


When it came time for the ceremony, this lucky father got to walk both his daughters down the isle! The great thing about a double wedding is that it also means double the love!


After both knots had been tied, a lovely waterfront dinner was served.  We love how simple, yet elegant the entire setup turned out. 


In between all of the excitement, guests were able to escape for a moment and take sometime to themselves at our lounge area. There’s something about having an all white rattan setup that makes everything so much more relaxing.

Our favorite from this wedding was our teepee low seating area! (There were two!) We were able to get creative with the Event Accents team— it was definitely different from anything we’ve done before and such a fun way to capture the boho vibes!

Teepee (Event Accents),  Silver Tray Top Side Table ,  Kauai Kilim Rug ,
Pillows & Textile Rugs ,  Tan Moroccan Pouf  &  Low Indian Stools , Peacock Chairs (Ambient Rentals)

Pillows & Textile Rugs, Tan Moroccan Pouf & Low Indian Stools, Peacock Chairs (Ambient Rentals)


So what can we say? Despite the times we tell our siblings to “get away”—they truly are one of the best people to have around. Moments like the one Bailey and Gibby shared is proof that having a sibling is actually pretty great.



Special Thanks to our Dream Team:

Photography- Absolutely Loved

Venue- Kualoa Ranch

Specialty Rentals- Roam Rentals

Other Rentals- Ambient Rentals