Love That Lasts a Lifetime: Kailua Wedding Vow Renewals

Real Talk—relationships aren’t easy. They’re a full-time commitment that requires a lot of work and effort.  But like anything else in life, if you’re passionate about it and love the person you’re sharing the experience with, eventually all your efforts will pay off and it’ll all be worth it in the end. When it comes to the topic of weddings, many envision the day of—the glitz and glamour, smiling faces, and abundance of love. But we don’t often stop to think about the journey to that moment or what happens afterwards. For many, getting married is a huge milestone in life—at this point you’ve leveled up and are no longer in the “dating” stage—you’ve found your partner for life. But as great as it may seem, there comes a time where you can get stuck in a rut and your relationship needs another jump start.  Wedding vow renewals are a common way for couples to breathe new life into their marriage and remember all of the reasons why they’ve chosen each other; for others it’s an opportunity to celebrate the wedding they’ve never had, or simply to celebrate surviving with each other for so long! After years of dating Roxanne and Allan decided to renew their wedding vows and proved to us that true love really does exist.

When we had our first phone call with Roxanne, she mentioned booking with Ashley Goodwin and as a personal bff/friendor as I call her… we were down for whatever she had in mind. Ashley threw out the idea to have us stay and help style details with her to spiffy up their airbnb rentals and the result was pretty freaking magical. We both love styling at shoots and creating fun content together so we had a blast foraging the blooms in the backyard and creating vignettes for her photos.


Pamakane of Ocean Dreamers added the perfect pop of vibrant colors with her floral creations!


Sometimes it’s the small things that count—instead of using our usual furniture, we utilized the patio couches that were already installed at the location. We spiffed up the space by adding different pillows and a kilim rug to bring the entire look together.

And what’s a celebration without cake?! Who would’ve guessed that a cake could be this pretty?!


So there you have it— although the journey to finding and maintaining love isn’t always the smoothest, there’s never a wrong time to try and turn things around! It may not be immediate, but where you put the effort is where you’ll see the results! So let’s take this moment to celebrate how far you’ve come! We’re always excited to join in and help make your journey memorable!


The Roam Rentals Team

Special thanks to our Dream Team:

Photographer: Ashley Goodwin

Specialty Rentals: Roam Rentals

Florals: Pamakane of Ocean Dreamers