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Holla for the Holidays: Backyard Holiday Party with Ashley Goodwin

Can you believe it?! Christmas is less than 12 days away! I repeat, christmas is less than 12 days away!!! Although most all is merry and bright during this time of year, let’s be honest and say that the holidays can also be quite chaotic at times too (in a good way)… from gift shopping to attending holiday parties, there’s always something to do! And it’s a whole different story if you’re the one HOSTING the party… from cooking to cleaning and making the house presentable, it can be a lot of pressure! Don’t worry, we’re here to share some party inspiration that you can recreate right in your own backyard. It’s not exactly the most “traditional” in terms of color and decor, but that’s the best thing about it! It’s time to give your guest a whole new party experience. So are you ready? Take a seat and grab a cup of cocoa, we’re about to share with you some highlights from our holiday party with Ashley Goodwin that’ll knock your fuzzy socks off. (Did we mention she hosted AND did the photography?!)

The best thing about smaller backyard parties is that you don’t have to worry about preparing for large amounts of people so there’s more time to focus on detail. Annnnd most importantly, they’re much more intimate and include some of your favorite people. Sometimes less really is more— especially when it comes to decor! This time around we chose a gold, sequined table cloth from The Wedding Linen Company for a festive vibe; it provided the perfect contrast for the rest of our table setting. And although we wish we knew how to fold napkin swans, ain’t nobody got time for that! Instead we focused on color and texture— the dyed blue alongside the bougainvilleas really popped!

If you’re feeling fancy, bring out your favorite cheeses and meats. It’s the perfect finger food for your guests to pick at when warming up for the rest of the festivities. It doesn’t even have to be from a special cheese or meat boutique; pick up one from your local grocery store and set it on a nice platter and you’re good to go! It’s all about presentation!— we won’t tell!


And of course, what’s a party without a little wine?! Remember how we said it’s all about presentation? The same can be applied to your drink station too! Even without the fancy crystal cups, these tiny present cocktail picks are a party in itself! Keep your guest hydrated with a cute water dispenser as well!


As you can see, a little goes a long way when it comes to detail! But really the most important thing about any party is the people you’re with! So don’t forget to relax and just enjoy the moment! It’s not a party unless you’re there too! Or, if you need some help taking the load off when designing your holiday don’t forget to hit us up!! It’s what we’re here for! We’d love to whip up some holiday magic for you!


The Roam Rentals Team

Photography: Ashley Goodwin

Table Linen: The Wedding Linen Company

Specialty Rentals: Roam Rentals