Coachella Meets O'ahu Shores: An Elopement Shoot Featured on Inspired By This

The topic of Coachella immediately brings to mind bohemian aesthetics, vibrant colors, and various floral designs.  Along with the live music, it all creates a free-spirited, carefree atmosphere. It almost makes you want to runaway and capture the feeling forever. Combined with tropical island mood, it makes the perfect inspiration for an elopement photo shoot. 


We decided to embrace the relaxed-vibes that many people often associate with living in Hawaii and worked with Sparklelight Studios to bring this vision to life.  We even got featured on Inspired By This!

Lanea Naeole helped make our models look their best. And of course, it wouldn’t be Coachella without a floral crown! The haku created by Ocean Dreamer Florals along with the bouquet helped bring out her inner flower child.

Our cozy low-seating arrangement with our black and red kilim rug and cocoa coffee table was perfect for lounging around and created a very intimate feeling where you can escape and enjoy the company with your favorite person.

Sift Hawaii even made the perfect succulent cake to tie everything together, set beautifully on our Moroccan carved side table.


Shout out to all of our vendors for helping make this photoshoot one to remember! You can read our full feature on Inspired By This.