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Home Staging: Creating a bright oasis in Mo'ili'ili


Nestled in-between the bustling University Ave / King St area and the start of Kapahulu Ave, lies a small three story apartment complex called Rainbow Terrace. We were recruited to show off how comfortable and inviting this unassuming 1 bedroom could be. Inspired by the name, we opted to bring a lot of bright color and fun to the space, demonstrating that an older walk-up could shine with youthful energy! We were also thrilled with the beautiful wood floors, black-and-white color palate, and all the small built-in details this unit offered - and we took advantage by filling it out with a ton of special details!


Like many things, when it comes to showcasing a home, first impressions count! We wanted potential buyers to immediately feel the lightness and joy that they could bring to this space using design, color, art and greenery. Our job is done once the interior is set in place. But staging a property is just the beginning of the work! You want to make sure the photos capture the magic and potential of a home that we work so carefully to bring to life in our styling. We enlisted our friend Allan from Photo Ops Hawaii once again to help us show off the bright spirit of this space for the property’s online listing. He didn’t let us down!


When a property is empty of furniture and personal items, it feels cold and incomplete. Staging is all about bringing warmth and vision in, turning a house into a home. We hope our work not only helps potential buyers envision themselves in a space, but inspires them to recognize that with a little thought and intention, their home can become a true oasis.

Welcome to Rainbow Terrace!


The Roam Rentals Team

P.S. If you’re interested in this property, contact Michael La for more information.