A Picture-Perfect 1st Birthday at Moanalua Gardens

A 1st birthday party might be one of the funnest kind of events to design because of the lighthearted whimsey and joy that is guaranteed to abound! For this event, we designed the whole day using inspiration from mama’s pinterest board. We took the opportunity to really get playful with decor, details and setting the atmosphere, making sure there were plenty of scenes where family and friends could capture perfect photos to last a lifetime.


This event was well attended, so we made sure to include all the essential stations, along with some extra special ones to help facilitate the day and create fun activities to keep everyone engaged.

First things first: guests arrived to a super cute sign in station where they could leave messages for Livi, and learn all the housekeeping info for the event in a stylish and non-disruptive way. Even when you hire a professional photographer, we all know everyone is going to be snapping their own photos all day. And we don’t want to miss seeing those, either! Creating an event-specific hashtag is one easy way to gather everyone’s photos together in one spot on different media platforms, whether instagram or facebook. We had this information, along with other event details, in gold frames at the check-in table. This is one cute way to share important information that helps your guests feel at ease and ready to party!


The desert table was the biggest feature of the day, and made a wonderful backdrop for photos (and was naturally the most popular table the party!) To frame the setting, we handcrafted floral letters in the lady of the day’s name and hung them as a backdrop from a beautiful natural wooden arch that was natural to the venue. While we always prefer using live floral, we opted to use faux floral this time so that the letters could be hung in Livi’s bedroom after the party. To the right of the table we had a shelf with hand-cut paper crowns for all the others kids to wear, which matched the cake design too! These ended up being a smash hit for all ages.


And what’s a party without a lounge?! A lounge is one of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere of welcome and relaxation for your guests, and is also the perfect setting for professional photos that will feel natural and at ease. The colors and style of the lounge matched the party theme perfectly, and made little Livi look like the sweetest little princess (peacock chairs are truly magical!).


There are so many other fun things you can do when designing party’s like this one, from detailing table settings, coming up with games and activities for your guests, and creating special decor moments that help your guests connect and share in memories with you. Here are a few more details from this super special day, that’s sure to last in everyone’s mind for years and years to come (and Livi will have the most amazing photos to prove it!).


There’s so much fun to be had in party planning, from the big stuff down to the details, and the unexpected surprises in between! We hope this special 1st birthday gave you some ideas for your next shindig, and if you are ever looking for more tips, we’re only a phone call or email away!


The Roam Rentals Team

Photography: James Ramos

Planning: Co-Curate

Event Design & Decor: Roam Rentals

Specialty Rentals: Roam Rentals

Holla for the Holidays: Backyard Holiday Party with Ashley Goodwin

Can you believe it?! Christmas is less than 12 days away! I repeat, christmas is less than 12 days away!!! Although most all is merry and bright during this time of year, let’s be honest and say that the holidays can also be quite chaotic at times too (in a good way)… from gift shopping to attending holiday parties, there’s always something to do! And it’s a whole different story if you’re the one HOSTING the party… from cooking to cleaning and making the house presentable, it can be a lot of pressure! Don’t worry, we’re here to share some party inspiration that you can recreate right in your own backyard. It’s not exactly the most “traditional” in terms of color and decor, but that’s the best thing about it! It’s time to give your guest a whole new party experience. So are you ready? Take a seat and grab a cup of cocoa, we’re about to share with you some highlights from our holiday party with Ashley Goodwin that’ll knock your fuzzy socks off. (Did we mention she hosted AND did the photography?!)

The best thing about smaller backyard parties is that you don’t have to worry about preparing for large amounts of people so there’s more time to focus on detail. Annnnd most importantly, they’re much more intimate and include some of your favorite people. Sometimes less really is more— especially when it comes to decor! This time around we chose a gold, sequined table cloth from The Wedding Linen Company for a festive vibe; it provided the perfect contrast for the rest of our table setting. And although we wish we knew how to fold napkin swans, ain’t nobody got time for that! Instead we focused on color and texture— the dyed blue alongside the bougainvilleas really popped!

If you’re feeling fancy, bring out your favorite cheeses and meats. It’s the perfect finger food for your guests to pick at when warming up for the rest of the festivities. It doesn’t even have to be from a special cheese or meat boutique; pick up one from your local grocery store and set it on a nice platter and you’re good to go! It’s all about presentation!— we won’t tell!


And of course, what’s a party without a little wine?! Remember how we said it’s all about presentation? The same can be applied to your drink station too! Even without the fancy crystal cups, these tiny present cocktail picks are a party in itself! Keep your guest hydrated with a cute water dispenser as well!


As you can see, a little goes a long way when it comes to detail! But really the most important thing about any party is the people you’re with! So don’t forget to relax and just enjoy the moment! It’s not a party unless you’re there too! Or, if you need some help taking the load off when designing your holiday don’t forget to hit us up!! It’s what we’re here for! We’d love to whip up some holiday magic for you!


The Roam Rentals Team

Photography: Ashley Goodwin

Table Linen: The Wedding Linen Company

Specialty Rentals: Roam Rentals

Picture Perfect: Holiday Family Photoshoot with Emily Choy

Let’s just get straight to the point- we recently received the photos from our holiday family photo shoot with Emily Choy and they’ve totally surpassed our expectations! And they’re right on time to send out family holiday cards too! Emily’s mother was gracious enough to open up her home and allow us to set up shop in the living room of her new home.  We brought in some new furniture pieces and even special holiday décor to create a cozy set up.  Every family was utterly adorable and Emily did a fantastic job at capturing each of their unique personalities.  Just take a look for yourself! And just remember: these are REAL families, though they’re so photogenic and could be models for a family magazine!

Did we mention that we had CONFETTI?! Because who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle? We’ve been anticipating the shoot for awhile now and it didn’t disappoint. We brought our our new sofa for the day so happy families like this one could be comfortable and be their natural selves.

Let’s not forget, pets are family too! We love how Emily perfectly captured each family’s unique personality and style throughout the shoot. One thing that remained consistent however, was the love and smiles that everyone had for each other!

Does your family have a special pose or tradition they like to do? Those are always great to get on camera! It was so much fun seeing all the families enjoying each other’s company—we’re so grateful that they allowed us to help capture special moments like these for them!

And might we add, everyone got along so well! There was nothing but smiles the entire day! Moments like these are timeless and we can’t stop looking back on how well everyone’s photos turned out!

We hope you enjoyed these highlights as much as we did! Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is right around the corner, it’s times like these we really realize how blessed we are to have the people we care about besides us. And even if they’re miles away, there’s still so many ways to connect with them! With the new year approaching, it means that there’s so many opportunities to make new memories and we’d love to help you do it in style! Just shoot us an email—we look forward to meeting you!


The Roam Rentals Team