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3 Ways to Style Our New Mid-Century Lilikoi Sofa & Chair

Throughout the year we are constantly on the hunt for new pieces of furniture to add to our collection.  Recently, we picked-up two new lilikoi yellow mid-century modern pieces and we’re so in love.  Yellow just so happens to be one of our favorite colors and the great thing about this particular shade is that it works with just about any design.  Since we’ve gotten it, we’ve been dreaming up so many new ways of how it could be used.  And if you’re a Pinterest enthusiast like we are, then you’ll understand the fun of daydreaming through all the inspiration that you come across.  We’re so excited and didn’t want to keep these great designs all to ourselves—keep reading to learn more about how to add some color to your style with our newest pieces!


1. Mid-Century Everything
Architectural Digest characterizes mid-century designs based on it’s organic influences, simple forms, and democratic detailing. The style often works because of its clean lines and it’s bold use of colors and accents. If you want to learn more about the style, feel free to check out our previous blog post here.

Photo Courtesy Of:  Brittni Mehlhoff

Photo Courtesy Of: Brittni Mehlhoff


Here’s how to achieve the look:
-Lilikoi mid-century sofa & Orange side tables- For that pop of color—after all, yellow is the happiest of colors.
-Mid-century love seat & Mid-century coffee table
-Jute rug & banana leaf pillows- Tie the entire set up together with a touch of some personality.


2. Jungalow Style
Like mid-century designs, jungalow style also features a various uses of bright colors.  In addition to this, the Decorist also refers to its incorporation of patterns, plants, and global accents. Though the concept may seem a bit intimidating with the boldness of every color and pattern, it’s all about taking the time to find just the right pieces!

Photo Courtesy Of: Kat from  Housewife Confidential

Photo Courtesy Of: Kat from Housewife Confidential

Photo Courtesy Of:  Oldbrandnew

Photo Courtesy Of: Oldbrandnew


Be bold and give it a try:
-Lilikoi mid-century sofa—the perfect way to incorporate color to your design.
-Kilim pillows—get that “global accent” box checked off as well- many of our Kilim rugs & pillows are handmade and hand-dyed in Turkey.
-Modern rattan side chairs & Rattan side tables.
-Rattan Peacock Chair
-Diamond Moroccan Shag Rug


3. Fresh & Modern
Not to be confused with mid-century modern designs, modern styles perfectly achieve a minimalist design with more neutral colors.  Though its lines are clean and crisp, its use of asymmetrical pieces add some personality to the entire look. In its visual graphic laying out the characteristics of a modern look, the Fresh Home suggests that modern designs are great for smaller spaces as it amplifies the illusion of having more space.

Photo Courtesy Of: Unknown

Photo Courtesy Of: Unknown


Freshen up your current living space:
-Lilikoi mid-century sofa & Pink Mid-Century Accent Chair —although yellow tends to be more of a brighter, bold color—it’s all about finding the right shade!
- Mud-cloth pillows & throw (for bonus points layer the mud cloth throw over a jute rug)
-Light pink pillows, cream pillows, & white moroccan pouf
-Hair-pin wood side table—for that asymmetrical accent piece.


So there you have it, three different ways to style the same yellow sofa. Get creative with what you already have available! As you go through the rest of your week look around and observe what type of pieces or furniture that catches your eye! If you’re in need for some inspiration, head to our Pinterest! We’re always searching for and sharing innovative new ways to incorporate new designs into what we do!